The Dog Days of Summer


                           The Dog Days of Summer are Behind Us



It seems we are about to put the hottest days behind us.  This summer was not one of the hottest summers I can remember, at least in Fort Worth Texas.  While we won’t be complaining about the lack of complete scorchers, it does leave something to consider.  The milder summer allowed many air conditioners to survive that would have kicked the bucket during a more extreme summer.  You probably know if yours was one of these AC systems if you spent the summer with your fingers crossed.

Congratulations! You made it.  There is a sad byproduct to consider.  I have observed over the years that air conditioning systems that squeaked by are on borrowed time and the note will come due.  Early next cooling season a lot of these air conditioners on borrowed time will meet their demise.  This means most heating and air conditioning contractors in Fort Worth will hit a busy spell at the first onset of the summer heat where they are very busy.  This will be going against you in the form of inflated prices, and a longer period with your cooling down.  If you only have one air conditioning system you may have to find a place for your family and pets to stay for a few days.

Rather than wait for next year’s impending breakdowns there are several BIG reasons you should consider replacement this off season when you won’t need your system to heat and cool.

  • Off season promotions can be a big help!  Manufacturers don’t need to offer incentives to purchase in the middle of summer.  After summer is over they can offer some nice incentives.
  • Do it on your terms.  It is more convenient to replace your system on your own terms when you have dealt with payment decisions, load calculations, and have time to weigh different equipment options.
  • The best time. Between seasons when you don’t need to heat and cool your home is a much better time to replace your air conditioner.

When considering air conditioner replacement vs. repairs you should weigh what it will cost to keep extending the life of your old AC system through ever increasing repair costs.  You also must consider the savings potential of today’s heating and air conditioning systems, the increased comfort they offer,

and the savings associated with proper modern air conditioning installation techniques.

Think about the better efficiency of today’s air conditioners (up to 20+ SEER), and that most old systems per

form nowhere near their original rated efficiency (often 10 SEER or less).  Also consider that many older air conditioner installations typically have energy efficiency losses that a properly installed air conditioner today would not suffer from.  Many systems were not properly sized for your home using a load calculation.  This could be lowering your comfort and increasing costs.

With average repair costs of 300-500 per year and potential energy savings up to 2000 or more per year you could be spending up to $2500.00 per year just to KEEP your old air conditioner!  Thankfully this madness will end because eventually that major repair comes such as compressors and coils where you can expect to drop a couple thousand to temporarily revive that old air conditioning system.

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