What is SEER

What is SEER?
SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is a measurement or rating of an air conditioning systems efficiency.
To understand SEER one must first understand EER. EER, or energy efficiency ratio is a measurement of an air conditioning systems efficiency at a particular set of conditions at a moment in time.

SEER is the newer more accurate rating for you air conditioner. Unlike EER, the SEER rating takes into account the changes in temperatures and conditions that takes place during a cooling season to more accurately reflect an air conditioners efficiency. SEER is similar to the miles per gallon (MPG) rating on cars. The “tons” or btu rating of your air conditioning system is a rating of how much it cools. this is more like the horse power of a car.


The current US minimum SEER rating for a residential air conditioner is 13. (effetive Jan 2015 the minimum efficiency’s have changed.  see  my newer post “Efficiency Changes in Fort Worth” Available efficiency is now past 20.
Hopefully this sheds a little light on the question “What is seer?”
If you would like a more in depth explanation I CLICK HERE.

Unlike cars, usually the most comfortable ac system with the most features also gets the best gas mileage or SEER.
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