What is the best programmable thermostat

What is the best programmable thermostat?

When it comes to heating and air conditioning thermostats there is something I have learned over the years.

One size does not fit all !

Fortunately I have found a thermostat that is so versatile that I can say                                                            

One size fits most!                                                     

The Trane 803 (Tcont803) thermostat, is what I use. other than a humidity control feature that is Trane exclusive

the Tcont803 is the same as a Honeywell Vision Pro model TH8321

This the most versatile, reliable, user friendly thermostat I have found.  I use this thermostat almost exclusively

and install it with most of my new air conditioner and heating systems.  It has all the features you should be looking for.

  • ease of programming
  • versatile,     it can be used for gas furnaces, heat pumps, oil burning,  hydronic, multistage, electric heat. etc.
  • auto changeover,   it doesn’t come out of the box this way, but feature can be activated in set up.
  • circulation mode,      runs the blower from time to time to keep the house temps more even.
  • advanced options   the set up menu allows tremendous amount of options, such as cycle timing, time delay, max and min settings etc.
  • lock out,       It can be set so that the program can’t be altered, or set so the temp can’t even be adjusted
  • non programmable option     for those that like it simple
  • accurate and reliable
  • multiple hold options
  • 7 day programmable
  • Powered/non powered   can use batteries or be powered by the heat/air conditioning equipment
  • Savings:     energy star says up to 180/yr off energy bills when used properly.

I understand other people may have other preferences and opinions and that’s fine. 

read further what energy star says about programmable thermostats

If you are super techy you might want to check out the TZONE950 (comfort link 2 ) thermostat.

savings will vary by what region you are in.  I am located in Fort Worth, Texas

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