Winterize Your Heater

Preemptive Strike – Don’t get left in the cold!!


Similar to the maintenance on your vehicle there are important parts on your heating and cooling system Poe Air can replace to prevent break downs. These parts are often inexpensive when done before a breakdown or further damage occurs and will save you money by avoiding after hours service calls, keeping your system running efficiently, and by taking advantage of our fall specials.


One of the key components to your gas heating system is your ignitor. This small, yet very important part is the key to warming your home in the upcoming cold months. If your igniter fails your system will not be able to ignite the gas flow and produce heat, therefore leaving you with a cold home on a cold day. The average igniter has a lifespan of about 3-5 years. Here in the Fort Worth area we don’t use our furnaces nearly as much as our friends in the Northern states. For that reason we can expect more of a 5-6 year lifespan.

Replace your Ignitor BEFORE it fails during your routine maintenance visit and SAVE! with our SEASONAL DEAL


The run capacitor is another very important part of your furnace or air handler (heater).It helps your blower motor run which is the motor that blows the air out of your vents. This part is used year round and has an average lifespan of 6-8 years. With so many capacitors made overseas the quality  has gone downhill.  Once this part breaks down it will cause the blower motor to over work itself and in some cases create additional repair costs.  We have found a MADE IN THE USA brand capacitor that we now use exclusively for a longer life.

Replace your Capacitor BEFORE it fails during your routine maintenance visit and SAVE! with our SEASONAL DEAL


At Poe Air we make it a point to check not only your ignitor and capacitor, but also the rest of your heating components as part of our fall maintenance check ups.

Sometimes these parts may look ok at the time of service but breakdown unexpectedly. That’s why we look at the average lifetime of the parts to better predict when they will fail.

We strongly recommend being proactive with repairs to your heating system to avoid unexpected breakdowns and after hours charges. This year Poe Air will be offering special pricing on ignitor and capacitor replacements to ensure your home stays nice and warm through the winter months.

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