AC Installations

Essential Information You Need To Know

An air conditioning installation should always be done by a licensed professional. Fortunately, you can count on Poe Air and its experienced team of AC technicians.

Of course, there are a lot of things that should be considered for an AC installation. While your technician will think about these things for you, there are certainly things that could be helpful to know as a consumer. If you would like to learn more, please read on.

How Much Will It Cost?

This is a common concern among home and business owners. While it is tempting to look at the cheapest air conditioner possible, it may actually cost you more in terms of operating cost. Therefore, it is best to choose a more effective system that consumes less energy but may cost a little more in the beginning.

How Maintenance Heavy Is My New System?

Even though you do not have to think about it right away, maintenance is still an important part of the installation process. Some systems may require more regular maintenance than others; this is usually the case for systems that are installed on business premises. Of course, choosing your system with the help of an experienced technician can keep maintenance requirements and its related costs to a minimum.

How Energy Efficient Is My System?

Most new air conditioning systems are very energy efficient, which is something you can check yourself by looking at the so-called EER rating. If you have an older air conditioning system with a lower EER rating, it could help you evaluate whether or not to upgrade your air conditioning unit.

How Big Will My Air Conditioning Be?

Your air conditioning needs to be the appropriate size and must be placed seamlessly into your interior; this is certainly something your air conditioning technician can help you with. The size of your air conditioner can somewhat influence its capacity. However, modern technology has been able to keep air conditioners compact while providing them with a decent capacity.

As briefly stated already, the location of your air conditioning installation is important too. Most modern air conditioners can cover several rooms, but you also have options that can be installed in a single room. It all depends on your individual needs and requirements, so be sure to speak to your air conditioner technician about your wishes to get the most effective option.

Can My System Be Upgraded In The Future?

Some air conditioning manufacturers solely release new systems on their own, while other manufacturers can release some upgrade pieces over time. If you want a modular system that you can upgrade over time, without incurring the cost of an entirely new air conditioning system, it might be worth to consider a system such as this.

Please note that even modular systems may require replacing over time. However, in most cases, the air conditioning technician can replace certain parts and increase the efficiency of your AC system for years to come.

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