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There may be dangers lurking in hidden places in your home.

If you have had your roof done you should have vent pipes checked. I have seen many cases where vent pipes have been knocked loose during roofing work. This can lead to potentially FATAL Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Here is an example of a dislodged water heater vent pipe. The water heater is now venting poisonous gas into the attic. You should have yours inspected. Look at our SPECIALS on a safety inspection.

There is another hidden danger you need to be aware of. Old gas flex lines could be a potential killer lurking in your house.

This gas flex split when it was moved only slightly, spewing gas into the attic. Fortunately I was the one that moved it and was there to turn it off. I promptly replaced both furnace gas flex lines with the new stainless steel gas flex lines and brought the gas lines up to more modern, safer codes. If you are unsure of your gas lines we recommend our basic safety inspection. Click HERE for specials on the inspection and any recommended repairs.

IF you have gas appliances or heaters you NEED working CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS! Do you have them?

We service Azle, Tarrant County, Fort Worth and surrounding areas. If you need air conditioning or heating work or advice give Poe Air a call


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