With temperature slowly going up, it won’t be long before the homeowners in Fort Worth considering turning on their AC units. However, it’s important that you attend to your air conditioner system before the cooling season.

Start the spring by performing some general maintenance tasks. It will maximize the efficiency of your AC and help you keep the energy bills low throughout the season.

Change air filter

Your air conditioning system has been eating dust throughout the winter season. Due to the air filters, this dust and other particles in air don’t enter you living spaces. After so much hard work, these filters will need to be replaced before you turn on your AC in the spring.

At POE Air, we recommend that you change your filter before the start of spring season. It will not only maximize your system’s efficiency but it will also give you healthier air. You won’t have any respiratory health issues and your depression will also stay low due to low energy bills.

Clean your fans and other appliances

When you want to turn on air conditioning in your Fort Worth home during the spring season, it’s important to remove dust from all sources including fans, windows, and doors for a cleaner air throughout the season. Cut the clutter for better health and AC efficiency. Since you have not used fans during winter, they are the first to collect dust.

If you don’t clean fans and other similar equipment, you will have issues breathing. Moreover, your AC filters will get clogged within days and you will need to replace them again.

Clean the outdoor unit

ac maintenance spring fort worth

Another important task to do before you turn on your AC unit in the spring season is to clean the outdoor unit. It’s where a lot of debris will collect. Sometimes, leaves and branches collecting around the outdoor unit may also hinder the airflow.

It’s important to have at least three feet of open space around your HVAC outdoor unit. Leave 4-5 feet on top of the outdoor unit so that it can breathe and intake air.

In order to clean the outdoor unit, be sure to turn off the AC. Go around the outdoor unit and examine the area. If you spot any debris, clean it up. You will notice a clear difference in the performance of your AC unit.

Call for professional AC maintenance

Professional HVAC service can resolve a lot of minor issues with your heating and cooling system. If left unattended, they could lead to expensive AC repair.

Moreover, a HVAC professional will inspect your air conditioning system thoroughly to identify leaks and other issues. Your technician will make sure that your unit is in peak condition, giving you maximum efficiency throughout the year (not only the spring season).

During the AC maintenance, a POE Air technician will check electrical connections, replace air filters, and inspect the unit for other possible issues. Our technicians can help you save up to 40% on your spring energy bills.

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