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Well, winter and holidays are both here! In this chilly weather, HVAC systems in our homes probably secure the last place in our minds. But in fact, winter is by far the most suitable weather in which you should go after the maintenance and repairing of your HVAC system since this will enable it to perform optimally when summer arrives the next time. However, many homeowners do not pay heed to the maintenance opportunities during the winter times, and most of the people from this exclusive group end up having low-efficiency or HVAC failures when summer arrives.

This does not only incur unnecessary maintenance/repairing costs to get the HVAC systems back to normal state in summer, but that it also contributes to bringing unwanted disturbance during unbearable hot weather. So, today we will be telling you some great winter tips for your air conditioning system so that you will continue to enjoy both optimal heating/cooling in your home/office during both winter and summer seasons.

Some Ideal Winter Tips for HVAC Systems In Home/Offices -:

Checking/Correcting Major Settings & Components:

During the winter times, when the “cooling” section of your HVAC is at rest, you should take the lead and inspect your HVAC system to check for, and apply correct parameters, to major components and operations of your AC Unit. The chief apparatus for cooling in HVAC is the compressor, and it is also the most energy-consuming component in an HVAC system as well. Checking all the settings which regulate the operations of the compressor, as well as the condition of the compressor itself, enables your system to work optimally as well as saving you from unnecessary maintenance costs.

Furthermore, you can check for and evaluate whether the refrigeration charge or coolant levels, thermostat, and evaporating temperature settings are properly adjusted according to the weather or not. Ensuring optimal settings for all these things can save up to 20% – 30% on your bills. You can use the manual provided by the manufacturer of your HVAC system for this type of tune-up. Alternatively, if you don’t want to mingle with technical settings, you can call your local HVAC service & tuning provider to do overall tune-up of your HVAC system.

Eliminate Heating Operations in Unwanted Places:

Another of the viable options in reducing strain on your HVAC system and increasing its life/performance, is to end the unwanted load on it. Think of the places in your home/office where no heated air is required, and by eliminating operations in those locations, you will end up lowering strain on your air conditioning system while prolonging its life and quality of service. Places such as Kitchens, Washrooms, Attics, and etc., might not require continued 24-hour heating/cooling operations, unless a need arises.

Best Time to Clean Up Vacuum Debris, Air Filters, & Other Things:

Cleaning up various cleanable things in your HVAC system during winters is a very good idea. This cleanup tuning of your can make it extremely proficient in its performance moving on as the weather pattern changes and with it your requirements of air conditioning functionalities. For example, air filters can be cleaned of the dirt which clogs the filter; air vents cleaned and vacuum can also be cleaned off the debris and dirt. Furnace blower is another place where a cleanup process is necessary. All this effort will only end up giving more proficiency and lifespan to your HVAC system, as well as saving you occasional repair expenses.

Replace Your HVAC System (If Required):

Even though it is an expensive affair, if you have been enjoying the comfort if the inner environs of your home/office for the last 8 – 10 years with the same HVAC system, it is time you should consider a replacement of the entire unit as these will be on their last legs. Older systems were not built to the standards of today and so will not last as long a newer models. HVAC systems that are older than 10 years can be inefficient and would lack compatibility with the current standards of technology in HVAC industry. This means that should you continue using older HVAC systems, you might well end up having frequent problems with their operations, and eventually, you have to have an upgrade of your HVAC components in order to match up with the current norms in order to provide optimal comfort and air quality inside home/office. So, it is better to go for a viable replacement during the holiday & Christmas season of 2017 and save your holiday celebrations from being ruined due to improper HVAC operations.

Get A Professional Checkup & Consultation:

The last thing anyone considers in order to get 100% accurate opinion about the condition and working, of your HVAC system is to get consultation & checkup from a professional HVAC service in your vicinity. Besides, using a professional service for the tune-up, maintenance, and possible replacement of your HVAC system is highly recommended that a layman going on a DIY venture him/herself. HVAC systems are a production of highly complex mechanical engineering and physics measurements, and therefore expert & qualified technicians should only handle them. So, get a consultation about your HVAC system on this holiday season of 2017, coupled with overall maintenance; trust us, you won’t regret it one bit.


So, has these winter tips for your HVAC system helped you, or someone you know, during this chilly holiday & Christmas season of 2017? We hope so! Remember, a little care and concern on your end can save you, not only from lots of technical troubles but your precious time and money as well. So, follow these tips and enjoy the comfortable and warm holiday & Christmas season of 2017 in your home, with those whom you love the most. Happy holidays.


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