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Fort Worth is one of the cities in the United States you simply have to visit and living here is just as exciting, here’s what there is to love about Fort Worth.. Being the 16th largest city in the United States, the city has loads to offer! Forth Worth is known for its entertainment districts, offering anything from dining and shopping to overall entertainment and culture.

The Forth Worth Cultural District

Photograph by Forth Worth Magazine

One of the places you should certainly visit in Forth Worth is the well-known cultural district. The cultural district is known for its bountiful museums and is situated just a few miles from downtown Forth Worth.

Even though Forth Worth is known for many other things, the museums of the city certainly stand out. The local museums offer art, priceless antiques, and loads more. So, any art appreciator will have a good time in the cultural district.

Of course, there is much more than just museums to visit in the cultural district. Visitors can also stop by at the Forth Worth Botanical Gardens, the Zoo, and even the Botanical Research Institute of Texas. The cultural district is also filled with biking and walking paths, so even nature lovers will find something to do.

Stockyards National Historic District

Photograph By TripAdvisor

Anyone in the mood for some historic enjoyment will find what they need in the Stockyard National Historic District of Forth Worth. The area used to be the home of the typical U.S. cowboys, cattlemen and outlaws, so this historic attraction draws the local as well as the international crowds.

Aside from the many restaurants and saloons in the area, there are some activities visitors can take part in. One of them is the Forth Worth Herd, a cattle drive that takes place twice a day. If you cannot get enough, you can also attend the Stockyards Championship Rodeo, an experience no visitor will forget anytime soon.

Still cannot get enough of the Stockyard district? Be sure to pay a visit to the Stockyards Museum, the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, the Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, and many other Stockyard places dotted around the area.

Sundance Square

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If the local nightlife is more your thing, then you should certainly visit the Fort Worth Sundance Square. It is the best location to soak up the local ambiance of Fort Worth since the area consists of beautifully restored buildings as well as modern skyscrapers.

Sundance Square has loads of restaurants, shops, galleries, and even performance venues. Visitors can also relax on the square itself, thanks to the presence of small restaurants and eateries, providing a patio, seats, and an umbrella to sit underneath.

When you visit the Sundance Square, you do not have to spend much either, since the square is also the home of the Sid Richardson. The Sid Richardson is a free museum, situated in a fully restored 19th-century building. Inside the museum, visitors can view a beautiful art collection, displaying the beauty of the American West.

Not quite familiar with the area? Plan your visit better by stopping by at the Mains Street Visitors Center, providing information and services to visitors of Fort Worth.

The Near Southside District

Photograph by Marc Carroll

Whether you are a beer or a gourmet lover, you cannot afford to pass on the Near Southside District, another one of the Forth Worth hot spots. The area is known for its exquisite restaurants, live music venues, breweries, distilleries, and loads of creative activities.

Anyone looking for an outstanding place to eat will have numerous places to choose from. Some of the local favorites include Ellerbe Fine Foods, Cane Rosso, Shinjuki Station, and the Spiral Diner. Each of these places has something unique to offer, so gourmet lovers might want to stop by at each one.

The Near Southside District is also the place to be for some live music events. You can stop by at the live theater, situated at Stage West. You can also stop by at Amphibian Productions or even the Shipping & Receiving Bar for some live entertainment.

Finally, you can be creative in the Near Southside District as well, especially when you take advantage of the glass blowing class at the SiNaCa Studios. So, if you have a creative spirit, be sure to visit these studios before you go.

Living In Fort Worth

We are of course lucky to live in this area and surrounding cities, we have all these wonderful things that surround us and the weather, though as unpredictable as anywhere else is as beautiful as anywhere. There are so many events and facilities for all tastes. We love living here and of course the people and vibrant communities. We are dedicated to our communities and ensuring their comfort all year round.


Let us know what it is you love about Fort Worth and the surrounding areas?



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