ac stops working
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We all fear the day when the air conditioning fails in the scorching heat! Even though such problems can be avoided with regular maintenance, unexpected problems can still occur despite your best efforts. So follow our tips when your AC Stops Working!

Your AC Stops Working

To ensure your air conditioning will not let you down, we have created a guide to ensure you can troubleshoot your air conditioner when you need to. So, be sure to read on if you need a quick fix until professional help arrives.

Check the Condenser

ac stops working

One of the first things to do when your air conditioner fails is checking your unit. Make sure the condenser is running and if the unit is indeed plugged in. Also, check the thermostat inside the house and ensure it is set to the correct temperature setting. There are many other reasons why you ac stops working, but this one is always one of the first to check.

Lower the Temperature on the Thermostat

ac stops working check thermostat

Sometimes the most evident fixes are the best. One of the ways to further test your air conditioning is by turning down the temperature on the thermostat by five to ten degrees. Some thermostats can be incredibly tricky and easily get their proverbial wires crossed. So, check if your air conditioner turns on again simply by turning the thermostat down.

To avoid problems with your thermostat and air conditioning, it is a good idea to thoroughly read the manual of your thermostat. Even if the thermostat seems easy to operate, there might be some small print that helps you avoid problems with your air conditioning unit. A faulty thermostat can be one easy reason your ac stops working and it’s not a big deal to fix or replace.

Check the Fuse Box

The problem could be as simple as a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. So, if your air conditioning stops working, one of the things to check is the fuse box. However, if you applied all the steps we already mentioned and the air conditioner will not turn on, there could be a serious problem with the motor or compressor of your air conditioner. If this occurs, then it is important to call a professional.

What If the Air Conditioning Turns On, But Is Not Cooling The Air?

When your air conditioning turns on, but it does not cool down the air, there might be another problem with your unit. Naturally, this means applying different steps to fix problems with the air conditioning.

The first thing to do is check the unit outside. Make sure the unit does not have anything blocking it; for example, leaves and debris. If this is the case, remove the blockage and test the air conditioner again. Cooling fails are another sign that something else is wrong and causes your hvac to stop working.

If there is nothing blocking the air conditioner unit outside, there could be a problem with your filter; this is why it is so important to get your air conditioner maintained regularly.

When the filter of the air conditioner gets blocked, the air to the evaporator coil will be restricted. In turn, this could cause the coil to freeze. Dirt is not the only thing that can block the filter of your air conditioning since pet hair can be another major contributor.

To ensure your filter is functioning correctly, pull the filter of the air conditioner out and make sure it is free of pet hair and dirt. Reapply the filter and then test the air conditioner again.

What If My Air Conditioner Cannot Cool the Air in My Home Properly?

When your air conditioner is working, but is not cooling down your home properly, then you may have an air conditioning unit that does not have the capacity for your home.

A good air conditioning unit must be able to provide a temperature difference of twenty to twenty-five degree compared to the outside temperature. If your unit is too small, it will not have the capacity to provide that difference. Therefore, always speak to a professional before you have a unit installed.

Of course, there are some additional problems that could cause a lack of cool air coming from your air conditioning. Common problems are related to the charge and the evaporator coil.

There can be some serious problems with the evaporator coil, causing the coil to freeze. If you spot this on your air conditioning unit, it is important to turn your unit off immediately and call for a professional. It is not recommended to try and fix this problem yourself.

Call a Professional for a Maintenance Check

Even if you fix the problem with your air conditioning, it is essential to book in a maintenance check to avoid problems in the future. The problem may be fixed now, but problems in the future can be avoided by regular maintenance of your air conditioning system. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you require maintenance or repair services.



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