Drain Safety Switches

Drain Safety Switches Explained

No one ever thinks of the air conditioning unit being a potential hazard when it comes to water and the damage that water can do to your home. The reality is that your HVAC system removes moisture from the air and that is one of the ways that it keeps you cool, so where does all that moisture go?

Most people are not familiar with some of the components of air conditioning systems. Yet, sometimes it can be a good to learn more about the finer details. One of those finer details are the so-called drain safety switches. So, let’s take a closer look at what they do and why they are important in the world of air conditioners.

Moisture Removal In Air Conditioners

When an air conditioner works, it does not solely cool the air inside your home down. In fact, it will also reduce the moisture inside the air. To get rid of the moisture, it goes through a so-called phase conversion. The moisture goes in as liquid and then gets converted into gas through an elaborate evaporation process.

Now, the evaporator coil inside an air conditioner will have a drain pan, which is connected to a drain line that removes any remaining liquid. It is possible for this drain line to back up and this can cause excess fluid to cause damage to your system. To prevent this from happening, the drain safety switch will kick in. 

Drain Safety Switch Selection

As you probably have guessed, there are various drain switches that can be selected these days. Horizontal and vertical drain switches are counted among the most common.

When a drain switch is selected, your technician must take many things into consideration. From the gasket material to the arrangement of the system and cable types, they can all play a role in drain switch selection.

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