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Furnace Repair in Fort Worth

Furnace repair is bound to happen at least once in the lifetime of a home, sometimes more. Unfortunately these problems often occur when you least expect them. Plus, finding a reliable and skilled furnace repair technician in this emergency situation is not always easy.

What Are Some Common Problems That I Could Encounter With My Furnace?

There are a few problems homeowners can encounter with their furnace. However, most of these problems are preventable with regular maintenance. A lack of maintenance is responsible for most furnace problems; this includes dirty filters, electric ignition problems, malfunctioning thermostat, a noisy furnace, and too frequent cycling.

Of course, homeowners could also encounter problems where the furnace does not heat up at all. Your furnace could also be providing too little heat. The detection and repair of these problems are things you can count on Poe Air for.

Naturally, there are certain parts of a furnace that are more likely to cause problems; this includes the heat exchanger, filters, the belt, thermostat, pilot light, bearings, and the burner. Certain parts can be more expensive than others too replace too; this is why regular maintenance is recommended.

What Can I Do to Troubleshoot My Furnace?

If you have experienced some problems with your furnace, there are some minor things you can check before you call in a technician. However, homeowners should never attempt to address mechanical issues or fuel problems themselves. When executed incorrectly, it could lead to even costlier repairs.

For problems with the pilot light, please check the furnace location for drafts. You may have to keep certain windows and doors closed to ensure the proper functioning of the furnace.

If your furnace has stopped working completely, always check your circuit breaker to ensure no circuit tripped or if a fuse has blown. Also, check the power outlet to ensure the furnace is connected properly. However, if you believe there could be a problem with the cord, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Always contact a professional. 

Why Should I Choose Poe Air?

At Poe Air, we provide homeowners with a fair estimate, reliable service and qualified technicians. We understand furnaces and we know how to best repair them. We also understand how crucial it is to have heat and quality air 24/7. That is why we always ensure that we are using the best tools and material necessary for the repair.
Regardless of whether your furnace breaks in the middle of the night or on a holiday, Poe Air will be there for you. Call for Service and Support!