Trane XV20

Experience Top Performance With The Trane XV20

trane xv20iSometimes you just need a little more from your air conditioning system. If you are looking for that little more, you are likely to find it with the Trane XV20. To find out what makes this system to special, be sure to read on.

Additional Protection Against Variable Weather Conditions

Has your previous outdoor unit been damaged because of unexpected and dangerous weather? Invest in better with the Trane XV20, as it comes with the trademarked WeatherGuard II. This guard provides additional protection and increases the lifespan of your outdoor unit.

More Consistent Temperature Delivery

There is nothing more annoying than investing in an air conditioner that does not deliver the temperature you want in a consistent manner. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about that with this top performing air conditioner from Trane, as it is equipped with a refrigerant cooled inverter that keeps all the electronics inside the unit at a consistent temperature. By protecting these components, you can ensure that those components will deliver the right temperature for you too.

Less Operating Sound

Some outdoor air conditioner units can be quite noisy, and this is something that many homeowners are now looking to avoid. The Trane XV20 has so-called compressor sound insulators, which reduce the overall sound emission of the unit when it is in use. 

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