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The Benefits Of The Attic Tent


The Attic Tent may not sound familiar to most, but it can provide a lot of benefits. If you are looking to filter some of the air between your attic and the other rooms of your home, this product might provide the solution.

Easy Attic Tent Installation

An Attic Tent is very easy to install. They are especially made for easy implementation in doorways, so they usually do not require too much professional intervention. Most people who have some DIY knowledge will be able to install these.

Effectively Stops Air Infiltration

If you lose a considerable amount of energy through your attic, this tent could save you heaps on your utility bills. When installed in a doorway, scuttle hole, or other openings to the attic, it will provide superior insulation without having to spend money to insulate your entire attic.

Pest Control

In some cases, homeowners will use the attic tent for pest control. As the tent provides a barrier between the attic and living areas, it can prevent pests from entering your home from the attic. Evidently, this is beneficial for attics that are not completely sealed from the outside.

Suitable For All Seasons

The attic tent can prevent the loss of valuable energy throughout the year. During the winter, it can prevent heat from escaping through the attic and the roof. During the summer, it will prevent cool air from escaping, keeping your home on the right temperature.

Naturally, a good HVAC system will make all the difference inside your home as well. While proper attic insulation is always the recommended way to go, funds are not always available for a large renovation. If this is the case, but you still want to enjoy big savings, an attic tent could be the more affordable solution throughout the year.

Check Out Energy-Saving Products At Poe Air

In addition to the attic tent, you can find more products at Poe Air that could save you money on your utility bills. You can also speak to our experts and find out how to save big on your energy bills. Effective HVAC can require an initial investment, but it can save you so much money over the course of time.

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