AC Maintenance Plans

Quality HVAC Maintenance To Keep Your System In Top Condition

AC Maintenance Plans

Maintaining your air conditioner is the key to increasing its lifespan. At POE Air, you can benefit from our comprehensive AC Maintenance Plans, which ensure that your air conditioner functions properly for years to come. This will save you money in the long term and keep your system in top condition.

Who Should Take Advantage Of An AC Maintenance Plan?

All air conditioning owners can benefit from an air conditioning maintenance plan. An annual check for homeowners and businesses can prevent serious problems with your air conditioner, and subsequently prevent a hefty repair bill. So, by taking advantage of an affordable maintenance plan, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary hassle for yourself.

Which AC Parts Should Be Checked At Least Once A Year?

There are various parts of your air conditioning system that should be checked on a regular basis. To help you understand the importance of these checks, we have described the most crucial parts and common avoidable problems below.

The air conditioning filters

Filters inside your air conditioning can get clogged and dirty. When they do, the airflow inside your air conditioner becomes affected, which in turn affects the effectivity and the performance of your system. 

Dirt in or around the air conditioning filters can start to impact the proper functioning of other parts of the air conditioning system over time; this includes the evaporator coils. In extreme cases, it could increase the amount of energy your air conditioner needs by a whopping 15%.

The air conditioning drains

Air conditioning drains are responsible to evacuate water vapor and humidity captured from the hot air to the outside of your home. When drains become clogged, this water can return to the air conditioning system and cause some serious damage. Therefore, this is certainly a part of AC maintenance that must be done regularly to avoid hefty repair bills.

The air conditioner coils

Your air conditioner contains parts referred to as evaporator coils and condenser coils. If these coils are not regularly maintained, they can collect dirt and lose part of their functioning. For example, the evaporator coil will be able to absorb less heat, while the condenser coil might have trouble evacuating heat from the inside to the outside of the home.

There are some smaller parts on the coils that need to be checked too. The coil fin is one of those parts. This part is usually made from aluminum and can start to bend over time. When this happens, the airflow through the coil can become seriously affected. During a maintenance, a technician can ensure the fin is in good condition.

What Is Checked During AC Maintenance?

An AC maintenance appointment includes a full clean of your system as well as an internal and external check of all the parts. Your technician will also perform routine tasks such as checking refrigerant levels, seal evaluation, and electrical terminal checking. Of course, your hvac technician can also check the correct operation of your thermostat and other parts of your air conditioning system. 

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Please note that even modular systems may require replacing over time. However, in most cases, the air conditioning technician can replace certain parts and increase the efficiency of your AC system for years to come.

This is our handy Air Conditioning Issues Guide that will tell you what to look out for when you have a potential problem. However, to negate these problems, make sure you have an hvac maintenance plan so that your HVAC system will last.

AC Maintenance

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