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AC MaintenanceKeeping a maintenance schedule for your AC system will pay back in many ways. You will stay cool throughout the hot months and there will be no emergency breakdowns. Additionally, your AC unit will consume lesser energy and cost less money. Your air conditioning system will last longer and repairs would be inexpensive and rare.

Routine AC maintenance chorus includes regular maintenance of AC filters, coils, and fins. You will clean air filters, check wiring, examine condensing fan, and check outdoor unit for noises. If you have noticed anything unusual, call POE Air HVAC professional service.

1- Clean AC air filters

When it comes to air conditioner maintenance, the first and the foremost task is to clean air filters regularly. If your unit doesn’t come with a built-in reminder to clean/replace filters, schedule it as often as you feel the filters clogging.

ac system filters

Guidelines for cleaning air filters

In most cases, you will need to clean air filters every month. However, it might be different for you depending on various factors such as quality of air, humidity, and having pets in the home. HVAC professionals at POE Air recommend the following general guidelines for cleaning your air filters.

  • Switch off the unit
  • Find where the air filters are located on your unit
  • If you have a central air conditioner system, the filters are usually located on the return duct somewhere
  • Air filters can be located on the air conditioner unit itself or on the ceiling or wall outlet
  • If you have a room air conditioner, the filters will be mounted on the front grill
  • Remove the filters carefully and clean them gently with lukewarm water using a soft brush

Dirty or clogged air filters block regular airflow and cause your system to work harder to achieve the desired temperature. As a result, your air conditioner consumes more energy and increases your energy bills. Moreover, the unit puts in more work and therefore becomes prone to regular breakdowns. Cleaning your air conditioner filters regularly could save you all this trouble.

Replaceable air filters

Some air conditioner systems have replaceable air filters. Unlike reusable ones, you don’t have to clean these air filters. Instead, you will simply replace them with new filters when they are clogged and dirty. You should be easily able to tell when it’s time to replace your air filters by simply examining the airflow from your AC unit.

2- Clean the evaporator coil

Evaporator coil collects dirt over time. Cleaning your AC filter regularly can help you keep the condenser and evaporator coil clean but it will still need maintenance over time. The dirt will collect and reduce the airflow. Additionally, it can cause the insulation to weaken and therefore reduce unit’s ability absorb heat from the room.

How to clean evaporator coils

To clean evaporator coils, simply follow these easy steps.

  • Switch off the AC unit
  • Locate the evaporator coils
  • They are often located behind the blower motor
  • You will need to remove the foil tape seal to access the coil
  • Once you have accessed the coil, use a soft paintbrush to remove the dust
  • You should also use a coil cleaner to remove the debris
  • Clean the drain pan to remove any dust that may overflow from the coil
  • Close the cover and put the sealing back before turning on the unit again

How to prevent condenser coils from getting dirty

Apart from evaporator coils, you also need to clean condenser coils regularly to keep enjoying regular airflow. Condenser coils can easily become dirty if the outdoor environment isn’t clean. Durst and other particles in the air can easily collect on the condenser coil. Thankfully, you can easily see the dust on the condenser coil without having to open any pan or sealing.

To prevent dust from collecting on the condenser coils, use the following simple tips.

  • Keep dirt and debris away from the condenser unit
  • Clean the area around the condenser coil regularly
  • Make sure there is proper airflow around the condenser coil

These tips should be easy to follow for anyone. If you notice anything unusual while performing regular condenser coil maintenance, call POE Air for professional HVAC maintenance.

3- Clean the coil fins

Fins on evaporator and condenser coils can easily disturb the airflow if they are bent or dirty.

The fins are usually made of aluminum. They often get bent and have dirt on them. The good news is that you can easily bring them back to their original position to restore regular airflow. You can use the commonly available ‘fin comb’ tool for this purpose or simply call your HVAC professional.

To clean the fins, you have to remove the outer cover. Removing the dirt from fins require careful cleaning since you can easily bend them with little pressure. Use a vacuum to remove the dust and then use a gentle stream of water to clean the fins.

Call for professional AC maintenance

Regular air conditioning unit maintenance can save you from emergency breakdowns and expensive repairs. It will also reduce energy bills and maximize your comfort.

At POE Air, we are excited to offer the best AC maintenance service for hassle-free heating and air conditioning throughout the year. We are always more than happy to help you run your AC unit at its highest efficiency. Our professional HVAC technicians can perform regular maintenance tasks and emergency checks. Call us to schedule AC maintenance.


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