energy saving tips when hosting guests
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For most of us, a small invasion of our extended family or friends over the weekend doesn’t seem like a big thing until you receive energy bills at the end of the month. You can’t help but wonder what caused your energy bills to be so high.

If you had managed energy efficiently and proactively when hosting guests, the situation would have been different. Nevertheless, it’s never too late. You can learn a lesson from what happened this time and prepare for the next time when your friends or family decide to spend a few days at your lovely home.

save energy

You will find some time-tested tips below. These tips will help you keep your guests happy while keeping their energy usage in check.

Manage heat or A/C use

One of the biggest problems when hosting guests, especially groups, is AC or heat use. Many people simply don’t care about how they use cooling or heating. They go insane and put on AC with doors open. They won’t care about turning off the unit when leaving the home. You could go on about how irresponsible some guests could be.

An easy to way to stop misuse of air conditioning or heating is to program the thermostat in a way that the unit will only turn on at a certain temperature. This can make the unit turn off automatically once the desired temperature is achieved. You can set the thermostat based on weather conditions.

Another easy way to manage AC or heat use is to use a thermostat that’s accessible via your mobile device. You can simply manage thermostat using your mobile device and override settings when you sense your guests are misusing the facility.

Talk to your guests about energy conservation

If your guests are your friends or close family, you can talk to them about energy consumption and saving it when showing them around.

If you find it difficult to tell your guests to turn off the lights when they leave their room, simply put a global perspective on it. Talk to them how everyone in the world should think about saving energy. Explain what difference it can make to the world climate.

energy saving tips when hosting guests

Sometimes, even that could seem impossible considering your relationship with the guests. In that case, you can turn to your innovative self. A simple solution would be to hang some cool posters in your home with energy saving tips. For example, hang a card near your switch board asking users to turn off lights when leaving and so on. Just let your imagination run and you will find some cool ways to impress your guests while asking them to save energy.

Lead from the front and set an example for your guests

If you want your guests to show responsible behavior, it’s important to lead from the front. You should switch off lights and heating/air conditioning when leaving home. Similarly, you may want to consider reducing the use of some appliances to encourage your guests to save energy.




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