Everyone loves the hot weather, and Texas is known for its climate, big foods, great BBQ’s, and excellent outdoor activities. The national 4th July Holiday is a time when families get together when there’s a great celebration of our independence. Whilst we want you all to stay healthy and happy and to enjoy the festivities, you also need to be aware of the weather.

It is rumored to be a scorching 4th July and with that type of heat, you want to ensure you and your family are;

  • Hydrated
  • Have your AC system in great working order
  • Ensure you have adequate protection from harmful rays
  • Ensure you are aware of those who may be older and those in need.

When you are comfortable and not overheating, you will be able to enjoy the festivities of the Independence holiday without worry. Once again star hydrated and cool and enjoy the Holiday festivities with family and friends.