Forth Worth AC Repair
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The people of Fort Worth often encounter warm temperatures; this is why it is important to have a properly functioning air conditioning system. Of course, even with regular maintenance, it is not uncommon for Forth Worth residents to encounter problems with their air conditioning. Fortunately, they can count on Poe Air for all their Fort Worth AC repair needs and that also includes all surrounding areas to Fort Worth.

To give you some examples of air conditioning problems you may encounter as a resident of Fort Worth, we have created an overview of the common air conditioning difficulties faced by residents. So, if you want to know more about these problems – and how to avoid them – be sure to check out the detailed overview of AC problems in Fort Worth.

Wiring Problems

fort worth ac repair
Fort Worth AC Repair Company

One of the most dangerous AC problems is faulty wiring. However, this is a problem that can easily be avoided by regular maintenance. By keeping your air conditioning maintained, wiring problems can be a thing of the past.

When you encounter faulty wiring, you have a fire hazard on your hands. So, it is important to contact a professional who can deal with this faulty wiring as soon as possible. Faulty wiring can also lead to other problems with your air conditioning and your home’s electrical supply in general; this includes an air conditioning that does not turn out or trips the circuit breaker.

A Lack of Refrigerant

HVAC Refrigerant

Your air conditioning system requires a compound called a refrigerant; this is used to cool the air in the system. If your air conditioning lacks refrigerant, it can lead to various problems with your air conditioning unit. For example, your air conditioning does not cool the air sufficiently or not at all.

When an air conditioning lacks refrigerant, it is often caused by a leak. In fact, almost 90% of cases involving refrigerant are caused by leaks. So, this is also a problem that can be prevented by letting your air conditioning unit be maintained by professionals at least once a year.

To fix the problem with the refrigerant, a Fort Worth AC Repair technician will locate and repair the leak in the unit. Then, the refrigerant can be replenished as required and the air conditioning unit can function as it is supposed to.

Problems with the Outside Fan

fort worth ac repair
Outside Fan Unit

The outside fan is the part of the air conditioning unit that transfers the warm air from the inside of your home to t he outside. If this part of your air conditioning system does not work properly, the heat will not be evacuated from your home.

A lack of heat transfer can cause more problems with your air conditioning, and lead to an expensive repair. When your air conditioning unit cannot move the hot air to the outside, the compressor of your air conditioning can overheat; this usually trips the safety overload. However, in some cases, the compressor could also get damaged, leading to a much higher repair bill.

Problems with the Outside Unit

Difficulties with the outside unit – aside from the fan – are not uncommon either. Unfortunately, general problems with the outdoor unit could have numerous causes; this includes a lack of power, a failing contractor, and faulty thermostat. Proper maintenance can prevent these problems as well, which once again underlines the importance of annual maintenance.

A Frozen Coil

Frozen HVAC Unit

Air conditioning units are extremely efficient at cooling air, but what happens when your air conditioning becomes a little too cold?

Contrary to popular belief, a frozen coil is often not caused by the coil itself. No, it is often a problem with airflow that causes the coil of the air conditioning unit to freeze. The most common cause is an obstruction, which could be present in the ducts as well as the exterior of the outdoor or indoor unit.

In addition to an obstruction, a frozen coil could also be a result of a refrigerant shortage. In this case, the repairman will look for a refrigerant leak or other problems that could be affecting refrigerant levels inside the air conditioning unit.

Do You Require AC Repair in Fort Worth?

Fort Worth AC Repair – Call Now

Count on the Forth Worth specialists for AC repair and contact the experts at POE Air for all your air conditioning problems. Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to assist. POE Air covers the Forth Worth area, including Arlington, Forth Worth, and Azle.


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